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Published in the Journal Pain 1980

Forty patients were medically examined to determine areas of their body where there was musculoskeletal pain. Each patient was then draped with a sheet to conceal any physical medical problems. The physician conducting the auricular diagnosis had no prior knowledge of the patient's medical condition, but simply examined the patient's ear for areas of elevated skin conductivity or tenderness. The concordance between the established medical diagnosis and the auricular diagnosis was 75.2%.

-Terrence D. Oleson,
Richard J. Kroening, and David E. Bresler, UCLA School of Medicine


The most well-kept secret in medicine
Letter to Ms. Higgins (Senior Editor of Medical World News)


I am a Board of Certified anesthesiologist practicing in the MD/Wash. D.C. area. I have successfully treated problems such as back pain, migraine headache, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, dermatitis, symptoms of cold and flu, tinnitus, muscle spasm, and countless other ailments. What is truly amazing, however, is the lack of knowledge about this technique by the vast majority of the practicing medical community (in spite of the best efforts of many auriculotherapists to spread the word).


-Bruce Rind, M.D., D.A.B.A. Pain Management


Lackland AFB San Antonio


4. RESULTS: There were 34 patient treatments with a one hundred percent success rate. Long term efficacy of auriculotherapy was not observed during this short three-day workshop. Twenty-seven dental staff and residents completed this workshop and will receive supporting documentation from Colonel Niemtzow recognizing this credential.



Headaches Relieved


MRI's, EEG's and other sophisticated diagnostic tests yielded no clue to the cause of her headaches. She had been to several premiere diagnostic institutions, including the Mayo clinic in Minnesota. She had been advised along the way to consider having exploratory brain surgery. She did not follow through with this suggestion. Anyway, 20 minute treatment with the Stirn-Flex stopped the headaches for 2 weeks.

-John J.
Urman, D.M.D.


Microcurrent Differential Detection Treatment, Early Electronic Detection, The Stigmascope, old technology, The Puntoscope, the start in the U.S., Micro Currents, The Stim Flex, A One and Only - Today, the Stirn Flex 400 and Stim Flex 400A allows the practitioner to measure conductance (low resistance and high resistance) both with the same scan without having to set any threshold levels (sensitivity)


-Jim Shores, PhD, U.S.A. References: Paul Nogier, Treatise of Auriculotherapy 1972, Mertz-France


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Withstanding the test of time
Excerpts of letters and papers to Jim Shores using the Stim Flex

"Previous research at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) demonstrated statistically accurate diagnosis
of the location of musculoskeletal problems solely through the use of auricular diagnosis. Moreover, a plethora of clinical
studies have demonstrated the efficacy of auriculotherapy for the treatment of such disorders as headaches, back pain,
smoking, obesity, narcotic addiction, and “alcoholism."

-Kroening, M.D., Oleson .Ph.D. (2 pages of 19 page paper)Dec 1983


To Mr. Higgins (Senior editor of Medical World News). Dating Auriculotherapy)

"I just wanted to drop you a few lines regarding auriculotherapy. It's difficult to talk about auriculotherapy without sounding like one is grossly exaggerating. This is, however, one of those cases where the truth is stranger than fiction. P.S. You can title this letter The Most Well-Kept Secret in Medicine

-Bruce Rind, M.D. Full page letter (August 15,1989)

"I can't tell you how exciting it is to get up and go to work each day. After 15 years of chiropractic practice, I pretty
much knew which musculoskeletal could get better and was also discouraged by the 20% or more that would need "lifetime
treatment" for their chronic pain. Now, with auriculotherapy, I'm able to get rid of pain that people have been living with
from 1-30 years."

-Steve Canion, DC, (2004)

Using their ears may help women ease discomfort of hot flashes

"Today, after three treatments of auricular therapy -something like ear acupuncture but using mild electrical currents- Adams rarely has a flash."

-Maureen Bashaw (News-Press article, November 18,1996)

"For over fourteen years, I have done more than 90% of my work with auriculotherapy. lt is unnecessary for
the patient to disrobe for treatment, since the whole body is accessible through the acupuncture points in the outer ear.
Treatment time is significantly less than acupuncture needles, taking less time out of the patient's busy day and enabling me
to help more people during my treatment schedule. Often, insurance policies cover electrical simulation when they might
not cover acupuncture. I feel very blessed to be able to be able to spend my days helping people restore the quality of their
lives with the Stim Flex and auriculotherapy. I am grateful for the tireless dedication of you and Dr. Oleson to alleviate
human suffering in this manner. You have changed my life and the lives of those I am able to help through this wonderful

-James Maguire, D.Ac., Dipl. Ac. (January 15,2005)

"Dear Dr. Shores, I lost my hearing after being shelled in Vietnam. I started to lose my hearing again at the age of
42 with slight tinnitus. I lost hearing in my left ear completely but the tinnitus continued. I was forced to wear a hearing aid
in my right ear and/or read lips. I am very pleased to report, that since being treated with auriculotherapy, my tinnitus is
completely gone after just two treatments. I have regained hearing in my left ear, and the hearing in my right ear has
improved after twenty-two years."


-Robert D. Wilson, DC (September 24,2003)


Pain sufferers may find a solution to their problems by lending an ear to auricular therapy


-Carol Keeny interviewing Dr. Brennan, founder of the International College of Preventive Medicine,(February 11, 1981)
2 page article


Going Smoke Free: Cessation Strategy
( get your patients off the easy way.)


"Doctor team to help people in their quest for wellness." "Lend an ear to a tale about how you can quit smoking."
(Full page newspaper article) .-Evansville Courier and Press Healthy Living articles (January 18,2006) (reduced copy)


Letter to Tom Garrett at the Mayo Foundation "Subsequently [ have treated 28 patients with chronic pain syndromes not
responsive to conventional therapy and I have had only one complete failure to respond. As a result I have undertaken a
stringent study program to increase my knowledge and skill resulting in a more rapid response for my patients. As you can
see my enthusiasm with this new technique at this point in time is boundless. I feel with additional research and
authentification of this technique more people will find it useful in relieving pain in their patients."

-James Walker, M.D. Neurologist


Burning Feet for 30 years

"Thirty years of pain gone in 30 min. Thanks doc, and thanks to auriculotherapy."
(and still pain free as of June of2008)
-Michael Fawcett (May 16, 2002)

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